Book Review: Fantastic Creatures by @FellowofFantasy

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Fantastic Creatures (Fellowship of Fantasy, #1)Fantastic Creatures
by H.L. Burke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an entertaining collection of short stories, all featuring some sort of fantastic creature (hence the title). Here are the stories I most enjoyed:

Skin Deep by Morgan Smith

She may not have looks or personality, but she has just enough charm and wit to tame a snake. 😉

Talori and The Shark by Jessica L. Elliott

This was a sweet tale of finding love in unlikely places.

Mothers’ Night Out by D.G. Driver

Okay, so this one is a little out of my wheel house. It’s kind of a horror, but it’s told with such humor, I couldn’t help but kinda love it. Moral of this story? There is no easy money. 😛

Absolutely True Facts about the Pacific Tree Octopus by H.L. Burke

This was another one that surprised me. I didn’t think I’d be able to connect with the main character because of her age, but I found her tenacity and the resulting story quite endearing.

Snapdragon by Lea Doué

This was a lovely tale of two sisters “protected” by a curse.

Celebration by Arthur Daigle

The trolls have found a way to honor the man who was kind to them.

The Adventures of Zero: The Quest for Wormsroot by Vincent Trigili

His name may be zero, but this kid is going to make something of himself. :)

And even the ones that didn’t hit me as being outstanding were still good. An excellent collection of short stories for anyone who loves fantastic creatures of every shade. :)

**And the best part is that all of the Fellowship of Fantasy books are clean! 😀

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