Book Review: The Faceless Woman by @EmmaHammAuthor

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The Faceless Woman (The Otherworld, #4)The Faceless Woman by Emma Hamm
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Aisling has lived her life as a witch, her magic both desired and feared by the humans she lives among. So when they come for her with torches and pitchforks, it’s not much of a surprise. Aisling attempts to escape, but tied to the pole, flames licking up her legs, she sees a faerie – Bran. When he won’t help her, she curses him with a binding spell so that if she goes, so does he.

Of course, he helps her then. They embark on a journey to remove the curse, but the task isn’t an easy one, and Aisling starts to question just what curse Bran is trying to release.


This was an incredible fairytale retelling – you’ve never read The Swan Princess like this. And now that I’m writing the review, I’ve realized this is a standalone in a series of fairytale retellings. If the others are as good as this one, you might just want to buy the whole lot. :)

I found the ending to be bittersweet, but thankfully, there will be a part two (I just checked to make sure – whew!). I think this is one of my favorite all-time romances.

**There was no swearing, and though there was one sex scene, we spend our time on the feelings of the act, rather than the physics. :)

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