Book Review: The Cleanser by Kevin Hopson

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The CleanserBook Review: The Cleanser by Kevin Hopson | by Kevin Hopson
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In The Cleanser, Serell’s life is honest and happy, his work fulfilling and useful, and his bride-to-be everything he could ever want in a woman. But good things don’t last forever.

Two elves and a gnome are trying to return home and undo their disgrace, but the Cleanser stands in their way.

Their stories intersect in a surprising way and leave you wondering who should win and what winning really looks like.


The Cleanser is a creation story, and is both heart-wrenching and hopeful in its own rights. It worked well as a stand-alone, although there were a few characters and situations that I felt were left hanging. I enjoyed this short story (or 2, if you count the two parts), and feel it makes a good intro to the world the author creates, a world where gods are equal parts cruel and benevolent and their power and presence can’t be ignored.

**This book was clean, as much as I can recall.

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