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Bite Me (The Puritan Coven #1)Bite Me by Louise Cypress
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Morgan is your average teenage girl–until she attends a dinner at her mom’s boyfriend’s house and is bitten.

Suddenly her skin is clearing up, her eyesight is improved, and her body is changing. Not to mention she can only handle a Paleo diet these days.

What Morgan doesn’t realize is that she’s a vampire… and her date for the prom? Yeah, that new, cute, fun guy is a slayer.

Just great.

Review of Bite Me

This was cute (sort of). The author took a very playful angle on the whole vampire thing, and I couldn’t help but like Morgan, who has a hard time coming to grips with her new reality.

But romance and good-humored fun are not the only things, as there’s a thread of danger woven in, with a surprise ending that will leave you stunned.

A nice balance between Twilight and Carrie, I think. Lol.

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