Book Review: Battlecry by Emerald Dodge

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Battlecry (Battlecry #1)Battlecry

(Battlecry #1)

by Emerald Dodge

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: YA superhero, fantasy, alternate present


Battlecry is torn between her upbringing, which has turned her into the superhero she is today, and the dark reality of her life as a superhero. Her leader rules with an iron fist, and she knows she deserves it for being so insolent. But when things become unbearable, she has to make a choice – defy the umbrella that she’s been taught is her only form of protection, or continue to go against her instincts and try to become the superhero and team member that’s demanded of her.


This book was incredibly dark. I knew it was going to be a bit like that, but this took a much darker turn than I expected. The superheroes are trained in an environment that is almost cultish, enforcing ideals with little regard to individuals, and upheld by a “boys club” hierarchy. If these themes make you squeamish, this may not be the book for you.

But if you like a superhero tale that isn’t all shiny suits and clear-cut good vs. evil, then I think you’ll enjoy Battlecry.

And in fact, if you like Battlecry, you should probably check out The Monster Under the Bed by Chrys Cymri, another fantasy tale that is not for the faint of heart.

**This remains rather clean, despite the abuse it details. There is a recounting of near-rape, though it doesn’t go into much detail.

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