#AuthorTube Useless Interview Tag

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The AuthorTube Useless Interview Tag was originally created by Molly Reads and Writes. You can see her original video here: https://youtu.be/8Emgz0lnrNM

Here’s a list of the questions:

#1. What is your main characters best friend’s biggest or most irrational fear?
#2. While writing this manuscript, what’s the mistake you’ve made the most?
#3. Take the first letter of your middle name. Using the find function, how many times does it show up in your manuscript?
#4. What’s the fifth last sentence of your work in progress? (As long as there’s no spoilers!)
#5. What character, besides the antagonist, do you dislike the most?
#6. Describe your inciting event using only three emojis.
#7. Find the twelfth sentence of your novel and read it backwards.
#8. What are three genres that your story is not?
#9. Name two published novels that are in your genre, but are nothing like your story and therefore don’t help us to understand it at all.
#10. Tell me a scene you thought you would use, but cut out in the end. (An example of killing your darlings!)
#11. Tag some friends! BUT. For each person that you tag, choose one character in your novel that they remind you of. (Major fail there – :) )

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