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Skye's Lure: A Clean Contemporary YA Fantasy for Fans of The Little Mermaid

Author: Angel Leya
Pages: 136
Publication Date: 2015

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I should've let him drown.

That's what any normal Mer would have done. Of course, if I was like the rest, I wouldn't have been lurking around that party yacht, trying to catch a glimpse of the humans.

My people will kill me if they find out--literally--but I can't help going back every time he shows up.

And he's offering me everything I've ever wanted: A chance to see land.

Those stormy blue eyes don't hurt, either.

Now I have to decide. Is it worth risking everything I've ever known, everything I've ever believed, to follow my heart? How can I say yes?

But how can I possibly say no?

Includes Legend of the Mer, the creation short story that started it all.

Readers of clean young adult fiction will enjoy this modern sweet romance with all the charm of The Little Mermaid.

Praise for Skye's Lure

“A lovely tale well told, and something perfect to read along with a hot drink on a grey winter’s day. Or with a glass of wine on a summer beach.” – Chrys Cymri, author, Penny White series –

“A feel good story about overcoming your fears and your past.” – Andrew M. Ferrell, Author, Beginnings (Family Heritage series) -

“…an excellent twist on the old [Little Mermaid] tale.” - E. Maynard, Blogger

“A great short novel! Definitely worth the read!” – Alyssa Peck, Blogger

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