Book Review: Write Better, Faster by @monicaleonelle

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Write Better Faster by Monica LeonelleWrite Better, Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day by Monica Leonelle
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I have to say, Monica’s nonfiction voice is very engaging. For someone who tends to steer away from nonfiction books because she’d rather be reading fiction, this is huge.

Write Better, Faster is an amazing bit of information and inspiration to help you find the techniques that will help you do just as the title suggests.

As an author, I know how important it is to get new works out quickly, especially if you want to appease the search engine gods, attract the attention of readers, and *fingers crossed* make any sort of living writing. You hear stories of people slaving away at a single book for decades. I, myself, took three years to write my first book, and another three to write my second.

I’ve been looking at plotting to help speed that process and avoid missteps (for which I’ve also found her book Nail Your Story: Add Tension, Build Emotion, and Keep Your Readers Addicted to be incredibly helpful – again, that voice), but this book takes that one step further. Instead of just plotting and planning, her means of keeping metrics on your writing, testing different times of day and even keeping stock of your emotional state are sure to help you optimize your writing speed. I mean, seriously, at about 2000 words per hour, you could write a book in a month, no problem.

(She actually talks about topping out around 4,000 words per hour, but recognizes that it’s not exactly sustainable, though quite helpful for meeting deadlines).

All this to say, wow! Read Write Better, Faster. It will inspire you and give you incredible direction to help you increase your writing speed. Because you’re not a writer if you’re not writing, and you won’t make a living if you don’t publish, and the more books, the better.

And really, how else are you going to get all those amazing stories out of your head?

I know I’m backlogged. :)

**If memory serves, there is occasional mild cussing, but nothing that interferes with the narrative, and serves to drive the point home.

Did you notice the cover? Monica recently redesigned the whole series of writing books (which you can find in the box set), and I just love the new covers. It really matches her writer voice.

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