Book Review: The Wrath of the Revenant by @TerryMarchion

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The Wrath of the Revenant (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher, #3)The Wrath of the Revenant by Terry Marchion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book three takes the cake (so far)!

AND as of today (8/25/2017), The Wrath of the Revenant is still free! So grab a copy now before the opportunity passes!


Tremain and Christopher are off on another adventure when a mysterious storm set to wipe out the planet and a mysterious structure shows up just after an indecipherable business card is handed to Tremain by a new friend.

When they visit the site, they find out that a powerful being has been waiting and watching civilization expand on New Earth, and he’s not happy.

Tremain and Christopher are in for a few surprises, and if they don’t figure out how to overcome them, New Earth may be wiped out.


I think this is the best book in the series so far.

There are so many twists and turns, so many surprises and reveals, you’ll want to keep reading to find them all out. Plus, the emotional impact was significantly greater this time as certain aspects of history come into focus.

I think you’ll love The Wrath of the Revenant (which I feel can be read first, if you want to grab it during the current sale), but definitely circle back to the first two books in the series (The Missing Yesterdays [see my review] and The Purloined Pictograph [see my review]) if you enjoy this one.

**There is some mild swearing, but otherwise this book hits the clean read mark.

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