Book Review: Violet and the Missing Puppy by @roxannesmolen

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Violet and the Missing PuppyViolet and the Missing Puppy by R.A.P. Smolen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Violet and the Missing Puppy is an excellent easy reader book. I understand it’s part of a series of missing things, so if your child likes the characters, they can follow Violet and her friends through different adventures.

There’s a diverse set of characters, a cute scenario with a missing puppy, and a great trail of clues to help the characters and reader come to the sweet conclusion. I was surprised by how well the story was done, the missing puppy being found only after a series of events that prepared them to complete the task at hand.

There are drawings at the beginning of the chapters, which are cute. (Wait until you see the puppy drawing!)

The cover is cute, too, but I wish it looked a little more professional/finished. I worry that readers will pass this book up because they don’t connect with the cover.

But give Violet and the Missing Puppy a chance. My toddler son enjoyed listening to this cute story with a great message, and I think you and your child will like it, too.

R.A.P. Smolen is Roxanne Smolen and her nieces. Roxanne is one of my featured authors, and she does more than just children’s books. Look for my review of The Amazing Wolf Boy coming Wednesday.

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