Book Review: The Faerie War by @AuthorRMorgan

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The Faerie WarThe Faerie War by Rachel Morgan
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In The Faerie War, Violet doesn’t remember a thing. She barely remembers her own name, but the markings on her wrist tell the reptiscillas she’s living among that she’s a Guardian – and dangerous.

Meanwhile, Ryn is on the other side of the world, chasing down what seems to be a myth in the hopes of destroying the evil threatening to invade the faerie realms. He has no idea what Lord Draven has already done.

The fight is on, for love, for forgiveness, and for the preservation of the faerie realm and beyond.


Wow! What an incredible end to the saga (and I say end, even though there are additional books in the series, because this feels like the end of a trilogy that was expanded). You basically have to watch Violet and Ryn struggle through their relationship all over again, while holding your breath as the faerie world is pummeled, assaulted, and destroyed. This book gave me all the feels, and I’m anxious to get started with the next books in the series!

My only beef with The Faerie War is the placing of blame. It’s not unlikely that the characters might feel guilt for their part in things, but in the end it felt like one of the characters was beating themselves up for another person’s decisions. And while there was somewhat of a domino effect, in the end, they didn’t force anyone to do anything, so it felt like misplaced blame. And too many prophecies basically backed up the blame aspect, which I think was the hardest to take. But overall it didn’t interfere with the story.

**There is some occasional, mild swearing and some steamy scenes, but nothing that crosses any lines.

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