My Natural Birth Story by Angel LeyaMy Natural Birth Story:
The Birthing Book I Wish I’d Read

by Angel Leya

Genre: Nonfiction, pregnancy and childbirth, women’s health


If you’re pregnant for the first time, the thought of birthing your child may be rather frightening. You’ve seen the movies and heard the horrific birthing stories – women screaming and cursing the men who impregnated them. Will that really be what you’ll go through?

Natural birth stories don’t have to look like that, which is why Angel Leya decided to share her experience. Learning how to face childbirth without fear, she was able to overcome the difficulties of labor, birthing naturally not once, but twice. My Natural Birth Story is not only a testimony and touching experience, but a natural childbirth guide for women looking to go natural for the first time. There are links to a plethora of helpful information – from diet and exercise tips, to preparing for various tests that doctors require of pregnant women.

Although not her preference, her experience with natural childbirth in a hospital gave her a unique perspective, which she’s more than happy to share. She hopes you’ll enjoy reading her story as much as she enjoyed sharing it.