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Lost (Running Toward Illumia Book 2)

Author: Angel Leya
Pages: 98
Publication Date: 2017

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Where do the Banned go when home’s no longer home?

Forced to take the unicorn back to Illumia, the land her family was exiled from, Astrea finds herself more alone than ever. The tribe has disowned her for taking their last hope of meat, and she fears she’ll never be able to return.

Along the way she's joined by a new travel companion — Gander, an elf with a handsome smile and a heart full of secrets.

Astrea's strength is waning, and as the lies surrounding her begin to unravel, she finds herself more and more entangled in the politics of Illumia. It’s everything Astrea never wanted.

Though she longs for home, how can she ever go back?

It seems that everything, even the forest she's always called home, is conspiring to push her out or kill her in the process.

Continue Astrea's adventure today!

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