The Last Motley Book Tour + Giveaway

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**Edited to reflect direct links to all 12 blog tour stops (see bottom of post). Hurry and follow the treasure trail before it disappears!

I have to admit, I sometimes leap without looking, so when the author said he was putting together a blog tour, I jumped.

I’m so glad I did.

I mean, the graphics alone would be worth it (at least for me), but author DJ Edwardson is running two giveaways (I’m drooling over these prizes) in addition to running a sale on his book (seriously? That story sounds fantastic–and that cover)!

So take a few minutes to read all the way to the bottom, and don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour.

last motley fantasy book tour

Welcome to the virtual book tour for The Last Motley by Grace Award nominated author DJ Edwardson.

To celebrate the book’s release, the digital version is being offered at the special discounted price of 99 cents, now through February 17th.

In addition, you’re invited to come along on a virtual treasure hunt, visiting some of the places featured in the novel.

And to help you along your journey, we’re giving away a few prizes, too. So how ’bout them apples?

Today’s stop is:

Vinyon Province

One of the five “Helms” of the Halicon Empire, Vinyon Province is the least populated. Peopled principally by farmers, it is nonetheless an important vassal for the emperor. The wheat and other grains grown here are generally considered to be the finest in the empire, and in both Talance and Massing, large mills grind flour along the River Bristling for the surrounding lands.

Massing, the provincial capital, is located on the Isle of Rand. It is known as the “City of Bridges” for the nine large ornate bridges leading into the city, and the dozens of smaller bridges within. Many buildings are connected by bridge on the second or even third stories, and during festivals these are popular places to congregate and join in the merriment. All the bridges sport carved wooden railings stained in browns, yellows, reds, and golds. There are so many it is unlikely that even the Duke of Massing himself has been to them all. Many of them are decorated with carpets of flowers during the annual city-wide parade.

Still, it is well that Halicon has no real threats along its borders, for with so many avenues into the city and only a handful of short walls, it would not hold out well against an invasion of any sizable force.

Vinyon Province fantasy map from The Last Motley

We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of Arinn. If this taste has you curious, be sure to check out the full length novel set in this world.

This unique tale is not your typical fantasy novel.

Yes, you’ll find monsters, dungeons, harrowing escapes, magic portals, a humor, an ancient artifact, and much more.

But above all, this story is about the importance of family, faith, and the courage to do the right thing.

Here’s the official teaser:

The Last Motley

The Last Motley Fantasy Book CoverMotleys. Candy-colored creatures with dark powers to drain the souls of men. That’s what Roderick always thought. Until he met one. Now he’s not so sure. But with seemingly everyone in the province hunting the motley down, he must quickly decide which side he’s on.

Is the motley the living nightmare the legends say? Or just a child cursed by magic? Should Roderick save him from an awful fate, or turn him in? Either way, it seems like everyone wants to make sure that this will indeed be the last motley.

Be one of the first to read this unique and original fantasy novel, available now for the first time in digital format at the following online locations:

Treasures Along the Way

As you follow along on this virtual tour of Arinn, be sure to enter the giveaway to make your journey a little easier. Maybe you’ll be one of the ones to find treasure at journey’s end.

Here’s what we’re giving away:

last motley giveaway treasure hunt
A lovely leather journal, an autographed copy of The Last Motley, and a coloring book from the Chronicles of Narnia.


You can use the journal to record your travels, the novel as your guide, and the coloring book to, well… for those rainy days when you’re stuck in the inn! 😉

Entries accepted until February 23rd.

Enter the Giveaway


PLEASE NOTE: By entering the giveaway you agree to receive occasional email updates about DJ Edwardson’s releases, sales and book reviews. He will not share your email for any reason and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

But That’s Not All

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, there’s a separate giveaway for truly dedicated treasure hunters.

All you have to do is collect ALL TWELVE location names on the tour.

(e.g., if this were for Middle-earth, the answers might be Rivendell, The Shire, Mordor, Gondor, etc – basically we’re looking for the names of the places featured on each of the maps at every stop.)

In case you missed it, today’s stop features: Vinyon Province

Correct submissions received by February 23rd will be entered in a drawing to win this one-of-a-kind poster of the World of Arinn.

motley fantasy map poster world of arinn
(actual photo)

The map is even more impressive in person!

Measuring 36″ x 24″, it’s nearly movie poster size.

The map is printed on thick, glossy paper, suitable for framing, and will be signed by the author.

It’s a prize you won’t find anywhere else!

Once you’ve got all 12 location names featured on the tour, send them to:


You will not be added to the newsletter list for this drawing.

Winners for both contests will be contacted within three days of the closing of the contests.

The Journey Continues

There are many stops along this virtual tour. Be sure to check them all out.The Last Motley Book Blog Tour |

Feb 6 E.E. Rawls
Feb 7 Angel Leya
Feb 8 Elise Edmonds
Feb 9 Jennette L. Mbewe
Feb 10 Jess Elliot
Feb 11 Rachael Ritchey
Feb 12 Deborah O’Carroll
Feb 13 Karlie Lucas
Feb 14 Abbey Stellingwerff
Feb 15 Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Feb 16 Jessica Groom
Feb 17 Steven Moore


Thanks for joining, and good luck treasure hunters!

If you haven’t already, head back to E.E. Rawls‘ site for yesterday’s post.

And don’t forget to check out Elise Edmonds‘ post tomorrow.

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