#FreeBooks: Glimpse: A New World (Anthology)

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Glimpse: A New World (Anthology)Here’s another exciting #freebooks, for you! This is an anthology put together by a group of authors I’ve been getting to know online. The description looks great, and there’s a blend of fantasy and sci-fi and crime stories, many of them being targeted at young adults, which means it’s probably right up my (and possibly your) alley. :)

I’ve added it to my tbr pile, and since it’s free, I thought you might want to check it out too.


Step through the door, and get a Glimpse into a new world. This thrilling anthology includes twenty-two stories, written by some of today’s most talented authors.

Be tempted and fascinated with peeks into worlds of Ghosts, Vampires, and Fantasy, to Crime and Science Fiction.

Many of these short stories are brand new, penned just for Glimpse, and features bestselling authors Michael Anderle, (The Kurtherian Gambit series), Sarah Dalton (The Blemishedl) and Kindle Scout winner Debbie Cassidy,(Sleeping Gods Series), plus nineteen more cutting edge authors enamored with telling stories and sharing them with YOU.

Get a Glimpse… and be captivated.


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