Poetry in Composition: A Coffee Table Book of Poetry and Photos
2.99 (ebook) or 19.99 (full color print)
Genres: Inspirational, Poetry
Tag: Angel Leya
Length: 126 pages
Publisher: REBOM
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781519698308
Take a journey through the highs and lows of the heart with this collection of inspirational poetry and photos that touch on subjects ranging from love and friendship to religion and depression.
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Feelings are a powerful thing.

As a teen, Angel Leya experienced the angst of transition and chronicled her thoughts and emotions in poetry. This collection of inspirational poetry displays those emotions in a thoughtful series of themes that will take you from the depths of despair and uncertainty to the heights of hope.

Each poem has been carefully paired with photography to enrich the experience. It’s a symphony of stimuli that’s sure to take you on an emotional journey through the good and bad of the human heart, as told by a young woman whose faith always brought her back to the perspective of one redeemed.

You can read many of the poems on the blog, but there are several that are exclusive to the book. The photos are also all new. **Now available in print and ebook form!**

A Note From the Author

As a teenager, I wrestled on and off with depression, mostly brought on by the long cold winters of rural New York. Those thoughts turned dark many times, as I wondered what real impact my life had on others and if they would even miss me if I was gone.

Thankfully, I had two outlets – writing and my faith in God. I’ve collected all the poems I’ve written and put them in this coffee table book, along with some incredible, full page pictures from Unsplash.com. The poetry is organized to take you on a journey through the depths to the height of emotions revealed, exploring themes such as religion, love, relationships, and inspiration.

My hope for this book is that it finds someone who needs it and encourages them. Nearly every poem, no matter how dark or hopeless, comes back to God – whether a cry for help or an acknowledgment of his presence, no matter how remote it seems. It’s a structure I modeled after David in the Psalms.

I’m grateful for my hope as one of the redeemed, as it has carried me through many a dark time. I hope that you will also find hope in these pages, and that you will be propelled to the heights of your potential.

5 Stars

A beautiful book. Angel’s poetry has been carefully matched to stunning photos which add to the impact of her words. This is a book to return to and to savour.

~ Chrys Cymri, Author, Penny White series, www.ChrysCymri.com

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