Antarctic Discovery (Working Title)
The Tower of Babel uncovered in the frozen Antarctic. A man who survived. Two scientists who must unravel the mysteries before the government carries out their own devious plans. This book is currently in revisions.


Coming Soon… Antarctic Discovery

Antarctic Discovery, a novel by Angel Leya |
Cover is a placeholder until an official cover is designed.

Angel Leya brings a little science fiction and action to her current work in progress, Antarctic Discovery.


Historical linguists, Dr. Gregory Hartwell and Dr. Amelia Roberson, are forced into a working relationship on Project Jubilee, a secret, government-run archaeological dig on the continent of Antarctica.

They have the unique opportunity to translate an unknown language and unravel the mysteries of an ancient civilization that was virtually eradicated from history – and which proves to be far advanced for its time.

There’s a snag, however, when the one man found frozen in the tower is revived. This not only complicates Gregory and Amelia’s relationship, but it puts them at odds with the project leader, Colonel Jim Champione.

Can these two put aside their differences to escape the wrath of the government? And who will get the girl?


Angel Leya is currently revising the book and hopes to have it published sometime soon. She plans to create an accompanying ebook, which will contain the journal entries Gregory and Amelia work on, written in the foreign language they have to translate.

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The cover you see here is just a placeholder until Leya can get an official cover done. To see her inspiration for the cover, you can check out her mood board on Pinterest:

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