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Banned (Running Toward Illumia Book 1)

Author: Angel Leya
Pages: 62
Publication Year: 2017

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I couldn’t let my tribe starve... But a unicorn?

Turns out they’re hungry enough to ignore the old warnings, but young huntress Astrea can’t live with herself if the curse wipes them out before the famine does.

And even if she could, her parents are leaving her no choice.

But taking their only source of food won’t sit well with her people, the Banned. The old tribe song rings in her ears: Where do the Banned go when home’s no longer home?

Astrea has only ever wanted to belong in her outlawed redheaded tribe, but the carrot rinse for her hair and sap freckles she frequently tattoos herself with can't mask her physical differences -- or the differences rooted deep inside. She fears protecting those she loves will only solidify the feeling that she's an outsider.

Somehow, she needs to fix this.

Banned is the expanded part one of Running Toward Illumia, which first appeared in the young adult anthology, That Moment When....

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