Angel Leya, an author creating stories with a touch of magic and love | www.angeleya.comAngel Leya began writing as a child, but only within the past decade has become serious, about trying to perfect and share her craft. She enjoys discovering new ways to entertain and delight, and takes pride in creating stories that she considers “clean”.

Currently, her published books include:

Upcoming works include:

  • The remainder of Running Toward Illumia, a story about one girl’s exile from her tribe of redheads and her race to leave the land of Mist before it kills her. This will be the first in the Illumia trilogy.
  • Also in the works is Antarctic Discovery, a tale about the archeological discovery of the Tower of Babel, and the relationships formed by two historical linguists assigned to the project and the man recovered from the tower.
  • Her original publication, Call Her Forth, is being rewritten and she hopes to release the new edition in the summer of 2017.

Angel Leya loves mermaids, and was inspired to write Skye’s Lure after watching the Discovery Channel’s Mermaid: The Body Found. She spends her days trying to sing like Ariel when she’s not writing or taking care of her husband and children.

In her spare time, Leya enjoys doing all things book, particularly creating book covers for print and ebooks. You can find out more at:

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